Chiaro assists the transformation process in South African businesses. We believe that a diverse workforce presents its own challenges. Building trust among people from different cultures used to be called a soft skill, but we find that neglecting relationship issues has hard consequences. People need to feel that they belong, otherwise they will move on. Chiaro helps the process of building congruence by creating a platform, a safe space, for different opinions to be heard and assimilated into the individual’s world view. We offer workshops based on the element of deep democracy and facilitate a unique kind of awareness and diversity competence training. Chiaro works closely with the HR and transformation departments to build a culture of inclusivity.

Our team includes Nolitha Tsengiwe, Izelda Swanepoel, Suzy Lake and Nolubabalo Ndevu.


“What is harder: to judge, fight and coerce or to face yourself and engage others through listening, compassion and empathy, especially when you don’t agree with them? We need bravery of a different kind – that which challenges us to listen with a view to be changed by what we hear.” Chris Spies